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Osaki OS-7200H Review: Best Massage Chair For Soccer Players

The Osaki OS-7200 could be one of the most technologically advanced massage chairs on the market and we think it is a perfect fit for our soccer teams.

It is considered a premium massage chair; offering a level of customization and quality of tension and pain-relieving (great for players) massage rarely seen in other brands.

In this Osaki 7200 review we’re going to look in more depth at why this model has developed such a strong following among massage chair users.

Osaki OS-7200 Massage Chair Best Features

osaki 7200There are many good chairs available. Osaki is one of the best massage chair brands (as mentioned by Health Nerdy) As you might imagine from the top-end pricing, the Osaki 7200 is a “professional grade” massage chair that offers one of the largest range of features seen in any comparable chair.

51 Airbags

We’ve said it before, but the quality of the massage you can expect from a massage chair is almost directly related to the number of airbags being used. These airbags gently fill and empty repeatedly throughout your massage, accurately mimicking the motion of human hands.

The more airbags used, the more accurate the massage experience; and the more body parts can be targeted.

Unsurprisingly the 7200, with its impressive 51 airbags, is able to offer a full body massage. Unlike cheaper massage chairs which may only target the upper back and shoulders, the Osaki 7200 is able to massage the legs, arms and lower back just as well, meaning that no matter where your tension or discomfort may be this massage chair has the technology to reach those difficult areas.

Automatic Body Scanning

Its fair to say that we’re all different. Some of us are taller than others, while the natural line of our spines can also vary. For some people, this can make massage chairs an unsatisfactory alternative to manual human massage.

Fortunately the OS-7200H has a solution to this in the form of body scanning. The airbags and rollers are carefully fitted into a gentle “s-shaped” back rest, allowing just as much focus on the lower back as the upper body receives.

The strength and intensity of the massage provided is affected by your unique body shape, helping to produce a satisfying massage no matter what your body type or needs.

This also means that if you suffer from lower back pain and have been less than overwhelmed by competing massage chairs, the OS-7200 offers one of the most complete lower back massage programs on the market.

Twin Rollers

You may have experienced a professional massage at the hands of an experiences masseuse who managed to find “just the right spot” with their thumbs to gently ease away discomfort or tension.

The 7200 has been designed with twin sets of rollers for the back that move in unison, thus accurately mimicking the actions of two human thumbs gently kneading the shoulders and upper back.

Heated Neck Massage

For those of us spending lots of time sitting up all day – such as office workers sitting at a desk – the neck can be one of the first body parts to suffer. Holding our neck aloft all day long can lead to pain, tiredness and tension, especially in the muscles at the back of the neck.

In conjunction with the built-in airbags and rollers, the 7200 also offers two heated neck pads to relax the muscles and relieve tension swiftly and successfully.

Zero Gravity Recline

Like all the best top-end massage chairs, the OS-7200 reclines to maximum angle of 170′ – for a so-called “zero gravity” massage. This is the angle at which the knees are held slightly above the shoulders where, as a result, all tension is removed from the spine.

Zero gravity massage chairs like this not only make for a more enjoyable recreational massage experience, but those suffering from back pain will also benefit from the soothing pressure-releasing posture that this chair supports.

Note that the angle of recline is variable, allowing you to control the angle and find a position that suits you personally.

Long Roller Stroke

If there’s one problem with massage chairs that seldom gets discussed it’s how badly taller individuals are catered for. In many cases if you’re considerably larger than the average person you’ll find that a massage chair fails to address the entirety of your back. Understandably this can make for a less-than-satisfactory massage experience.

For taller individuals, however, there is a solution in the form of “long roller strokes”. Massage chairs that offer such a feature (normally the higher-end models) massage a larger total surface area. This means that even if you’re 7 feet tall you should still be able to enjoy a full-body massage.

The roller stroke length on the 7200 is an impressive 31″, helping to make it an ideal massage chair for taller people. Equally, the level of control possible with this chair means that more average-sized individuals needs not get left out of the fun!

6 Massage Types

We each have our own preferences when it comes to massage. If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the last few years of chatting to massage chair owners its that there’s no such thing as “one size fits all”.

For this reason a general rule of thumb is that the more massage options a chair offers, the more successful the eventual massage will be. Quite simply more options means a chair is more likely to satisfy your unique needs.

The Osaki 7200 does not disappoint in this department, and offers a total of 6 different kinds of massage. For your reference these are:

  • Kneading
  • Tapping
  • Shiatsu
  • Swedish
  • Kneading & tapping
  • Rolling

8 Preset Programs

While the OS-7200H does indeed offer complete manual control – so that you can customize every aspect of your massage program – it also comes with an impressive 8 standards preset programs. Try experimenting with each one in turn to see which modes really bring you the relief you seek.

The 8 built-in programs are:

  • Fill Air
  • Stretching
  • Upper Body
  • Lower Body
  • Full Body Anti Stress
  • Full Body Muscle Relief
  • Full Body Wake Up
  • Full Body Recovery

Built-In Speakers

To make your massage experience even more enjoyable the 7200 offers two built-in speakers present in the headrest. Simply plug your mp3 player or cell phone into the provided jack and relax to the sound of your favorite music.

Try natural sounds like lapping waves or babbling brooks for the ultimate “take me away” massage relaxation experience.

Osaki 7200 Specifications

Like all the best massage chairs, the OS 7200 is a seriously large bit of kit. When you consider all the airbags and other technology built in not to mention the full recline feature you’re going to need a decent amount of space to successfully house and use this massage chair.

In the upright position the OS 7200 measures approximately 48 inches by 35 inches by 57. However when in the “zero gravity” position, with the leg rest fully extended, the chair measures in at almost 75″ in overall length. This is therefore not a chair for a tiny condo.

That said, of course, this shouldn’t be seen as a negative. The dimensions of this particular chair, which weighs in at 231lbs, ensure that you are fully supported and “cocooned” into it’s air-cushioned luxury fabric, providing one of the most accurately-replicated massage experiences available anywhere.


As you may have guessed by now, the OS-7200 is a truly impressive massage chair. While it is certainly at the top end of the market, in the world of massage chairs you really do get what you pay for. For anyone willing to invest some money in order to experience the ultimate home-based massage the 7200 should rate highly on your list of possibilities.

With a long list of impressive features and the long history that Osaki offers, there should be little doubt that the 7200 is one of the best massage chairs for soccer players an sport professionals.

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