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Welcome to the London Football Clubs website. Find out all the latest news, fixtures and results for every London football team here. The English Premier league is commonly known as Premier League, or the Barclays Premier League, and is followed by passionate football fans from all over the world. In London this passion is so intense that the city is dotted with pubs whose clientele follow specific clubs, and if you support another club or team, you are not welcome inside. If you do gain entrance somehow and the locals come to know that you support another side, you will be literally kicked out.

The English premier league was founded on the 20th February in 1992. There are about 20 teams or clubs participating in the tournament. It comes under the jurisdiction of the UEFA (European) confederation.

As well as the league competition, there are two domestic cup competitions held each season, known as the FA Cup and the League Cup.

The season runs from August to May every year. Each team plays 38 games a year and in total the league has about 380 games. If there is no result at the end of 90 minutes, a match is considered to be a draw and the clubs shares the points.

EPL games are usually held on Saturdays or Sundays.

The league was simply known as the Premiership from 1993 to 2007 but has since been sponsored by Barclays Bank, now being as the Barclay’s Premier League.  If you want to know more about London Football Clubs, please contact us.

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